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Made in Detroit, Made for Detroit

John Conyers is running for Congress to represent Detroit because he knows what it means to be Detroit tough. He's ready to fight to give this city, this state, and this country, the government they need. 

Join our campaign, and make an impact today.

"My life in politics began while being raised in one of the strongest Democratic households one could be raised in. I had the front row seat to come to some of the best and worst moments in America, Detroit, and the Democratic party. More importantly, I saw how leaders like my father John Conyers Jr, the longest serving Black congressman in U.S. history, acted in response.

"The ideals of the Democratic party, specifically Detroit's, are something I've internalized alongside other lessons growing up. I lived these moments, I didn't just read about them."


Our Story

Every person in Detroit deserves a city, state and country which supports them so they can thrive.

As a congressman, John will fight to make sure that the needs of Detroiters, and the issues that matter most to them, are heard on the House floor.


We can only do this with your support


Join John Conyers in standing up for the future.

We must stand on the shoulders of those who paved our way in creating the next chapters for our district.

I'm running for Congress to do just that.

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