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  • Inflation Current inflation has not been caused by government spending on Covid-19 relief and other welfare programs

  • We must increase supply and decrease inequality by increasing investment in the manufacturing industry, particularly in green technologies by ramping up semiconductor, solar power cell, and electric vehicle manufacturing

  • Reduce Prescription Drug costs, by passing the CMPDPHA and reducing prescription drug premiums by allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices

  • Decrease economic inequality by increasing capital gains tax rates for the wealthy and busting up anti-competitive monopolies which allow big corporations to price gouge regular Americans.

  • Pushing the Biden administration to sign a new Iran peace deal and assist Ukraine in winning their war with Russia to reduce global oil prices.

  • End the trade wars tariffs with China, lumber tariffs with Canada, and reduce tariffs on aluminum and steel

  • Increase Minimum Wage to $20/hr with scheduled increases directly linked to inflation and cost of living

  • Make the expanded Child Tax Credits Permanent

  • Cancel all federal held student loan debt


Affordable Housing

  • Build high-density housing for millions of Americans, particularly in urban and blighted areas.

  • Pass the Green New Deal and the Build Back Better Act to invest in green technologies to build better, more sustainable housing

  • Preserve existing naturally occurring affordable housing, and provide access to funding to allow homeowners and residents to better build equity in their own homes through home loans and refinancing where existing banks will not invest through reform of the Community Reinvestment Act

  • Increased HUD Funding for the 13th District to assist the 13th district in preserving and upgrading its existing housing stock

  • Creation of new tax incentives for new home buyers, as well as for landlords who provide affordable and livable homes. Including 90-day rent waivers and relocation reimbursements for individuals and families at risk of being displaced by the loss of affordable housing



  • Passing of comprehensive legislation, the Green New Deal, which cuts carbon emissions and empowers the EPA and government to take complete action to protect us and future generations from the effects of climate change

  • Infrastructure and housing investment in areas hit by excessive flooding in the 13th District, including funding for protecting and upgrading the power grid and investment in upgraded drainage technologies to prevent catastrophic flooding

  • Empower the EPA and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy to impose maximum penalties on emissions violators

  • Greater investment in the manufacture and production of electric vehicles, including investment in research and development of more sustainable battery production technologies.

  • Creation of a civilian climate corp, to engage in climate focused activities like forest replanting, and urban farming

  • Reinvestment in agricultural communities, including a lend-lease program for greener farming equipment, and the passage of federal right-to-repair laws to ease burden on the producers of our food


Criminal Justice Reform

  • Passage of the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act, mandating officers use deadly force only as a last resort, as well as providing federal funding to state and local police departments which adopt the same policies

  • Prohibition of No-Knock Warrants

  • Total and Complete reform of the existing bond system, which disadvantages poor people and people of color

  • National requirement that law enforcement agencies complete anti-discrimination training and adopt anti-discrimination policies to fight racial/religious/sexual orientation/gender discrimination

  • National body-cam and cruiser cam requirement, with a presumption of malfeasance when that video is unavailable, and the elimination of qualified immunity for police officers

  • Disallow the transfer of any military grade equipment from any federal agency to any local or state policing agency

  • Increased federal funding for social service peace officers, trained to respond to non-violent situations without force


Gun Control and Reform

  • Re-institute a complete assault weapons ban. These are weapons of war that have no business being available to the general public.

  • Ban High Capacity Magazines, and Institute universal background checks for all weapons purchases with a mandatory waiting/cooling off period between purchase and receipt of a weapon

  • Close existing loopholes which allow gun purchases at gun shows, online, on a secondary market, or through any non-federally licensed means and ban on ownership of weapons for anyone convicted of any form of domestic violence

  • Mandatory training and licensing for all gun owners, as is done in every state with Motor Vehicles

  • Require safe and secure storage of all weapons, either in the home, or elsewhere

  • Empower and fund community action that addresses gun violence, such as lack of access to meaningful educational and employment opportunities, federal gun buy-back programs,

  • Increased funding for mental health services, including improving the condition of current mental health facilities, and access to mental health services.

  • Creation of Community Violence Reduction task forces, controlled by members of those communities to address violence and increase non-violent solutions during disputes


Women's Reproductive Rights

  • Codify Roe v. Wade so that the women’s reproductive rights can stop being assaulted in this country

  • Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which protects abortion rights by protecting both a healthcare provider’s right to provide and a patient’s ability to receive abortive care and services.

  • Protect access to all forms of contraception and birth control. This would include Plan B/Ella, IUDs, Hormonal Birth Control, Condoms, and any other medically safe forms of birth control.

  • Pass the Pregnant Worker Fairness Act, which would finally outlaw all forms of workplace discrimination against pregnant women, and would require employers to provide accommodations for pregnant women.

  • Access to Universal Pre-K and provide government funding for childcare services

  • Address domestic violence and other crimes experienced by women, and reform a justice system that disincentivizes victimized women from coming forward, which disproportionately discriminates against black and brown women and mothers by criminalizing being poor and/or single

  • End the inequalities and lack of access to quality health care and reproductive services that black, brown and other women of color face by working to open more community health clinics, expanding medical educational opportunities to help encourage more black and brown women to become doctors, nurses and medical professionals

  • Introduction of a Public Healthcare Option so that no woman has to worry about medical bills related to pre- and post-natal care.

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